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    Help with Saving & Exporting Files.


      Ok, so I've gone on these forums and on google trying to find a solution to this.
      But none of the solutions they had given worked...And frankly making my own is easier to find. XD
      But anyways.

      I just got Adobe Illustrator CS3 today.
      It is the portable version; I don't know if tthat would make a difference since the options are still available.
      But when I try to save the image, it doesn't matter what I try to save the file as, it says an error occured and it couldn't save the file.
      And now I'm trying to export it into Photoshop CS4 (Also Portable but again, all of the options are available.) so I can color it. (Its a inked drawing of a previously lead drawing.)
      When I try to export it; I get a message saying I do not have enough memory to save the file. Which I have a tetrabyte hardrive that isn't even nearly full.


      What's going on with saving and exporting???
      And I've read about people copying and pasting the different layers into Photoshop, if thats what I have to do, thats OK...But could someone please explain to me how I can do that?
      Thank you. :]