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    new to flash, need advice


      hi, i made photo of one very cool wallpaper, i would like to animate it in resolume avenue, i think i should make layers of the image in photoshop and then make it move in flash, or is it possible to make layers also in flash? i prefer PS as i am really used to it, but if it is more convenient in flash i could switch it. there are different geometrical objects i want to move to all different directions, i've heard that after effects is good for it, but resolume supports more flash so i would like to know what people with more experience think, thanx a lot for your answer.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If I can create the graphics I need in Flash then that is what I normally do.  Flash creates scalable vector graphics which can be an advantage if you need to scale the swf file.

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            movie64 Level 1

            that's really good to know for later, this photo i started to cut into layers in photoshop already, this time i need only the pattern from the photo so it is more effective do it in flash heee, next time:) is that so simple as in ps? and for the times when i need pixel layers from ps, what is good way to save file as in ps (with many layers) to be worked in flash? cheers