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    Newbie with div tags


      I am trying to design my webpage, www.evdetailing.com, using div tags.


      Here is the site working okay in IE Explorer (http://evdetailing.com/whatswrong.JPG)


      I am looking to have the bottom two tags (the text and the left hand margin tag) sitflush with the bottom of the browser, and stretch if there are more text. In Firefox, the text div aligns but not the left hand margin div.


      Okay also I have the boxes aligning to the left at 15% absolute, how do I align so the text box will align with them if I set it at 15% it will sit on top of the margin div and cover it up, 20% is the closest to flush but there are still 2 or 3 px of space between the two boxes. You can see what im trying to do at the #1 Arrow, I want the whole site to be align


      Lastly if anyone knows why my background is doing what it's doing in Firefox, I would love to know so that I can fix it, its working right in the picture above.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.