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    Divs disappear

    panfried Level 1

      Can someone please tell me why the div to the right, with the pink rectangle is disappearing when I preview in a browser?


      Thank you so much!


      Picture 2.png



      <div id="content_wrapper">

      <div id="home_samples"><img src="_images/coco.jpg" width="635" height="321" /></div>

      <div id="card_preview">

      <div id="1"></div>






      #content_wrapper {

      height: 100%;

      width: 950px;

      margin-right: auto;

      margin-left: auto;

      margin-top: 40px;

      background-color: #F90;


      #home_samples {

      height: 100%;

      width: 635px;

      float: left;


      #card_preview {

      float: right;

      height: 160px;

      width: 275px;


      #card_preview #1 {

      background-color: #F36;

      height: 40px;

      width: 275px;