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    Time Remapping

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      Hi All,

      Thanx in advance for your help.


      I have a music video project that was shot in two sets, 4 cameras each set.  I'm using layers of multi-camera edits to make one video from the 8 tracks.  Set A is about 99% as fast as set B.  A song in the sets will start out in synch but then set A ends 3 seconds before set B.  


      I am time remapping Set A but when I do it only time remaps the video, not the audio.  I use the wave patterns in the audio to synch the tracks more closely than I can by ear.  Is there a way to force the audio and the video to time remap together?




      Is there a better way to do it?




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          My Bad, Premiere Pro CS4 version 4.2.1

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            I found that I had to drive the time remapping with Soundbooth and Duration only.


            I tried remapping both linked audio and video using the Speed/ Duration menu in PP, and the audio was autrocious.


            So, I had to remap the audio first by first unlinking it and render and replace in Soundbooth. I picked new speed under Task and saved it.


            After that in PP, I clicked on the shortened audio file and noted the duration in the info box under 'Audio 1'.


            Using this new duration, I right clicked for Speed and Duration on Video file, and typed in the new duration taken from above (with linked to speed left on).


            Both video and audio matched frame for frame, preserving audio quality.


            I guess if you want to match other videos, repeat above steps using adjacent clips.


            If anyone can think of a better way, I would like to know.

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              Thanx Sushiyum17,


              We had an 8 track audio file recorded in CuBase the same time we shot this. I took the track that matched the "core" video set and rendered it to a stereo .WAV file from Cubase.  I synched that up and then did slip edits to synch the video segments to it.  The end user comments indicated they liked MTV style editing (fast and furious), that along with the out of synch issue not being dramatic, allowed me to cut from a shot before any synch issues became apparent.


              I haven't tried the time remapping in Sound Booth.  I'll look at that.


              Thanx for your help.

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                You are welcome. I also found out (the hard way) is that you should do this manipulation on a clip that is full length (no edits on start and end/ no razor cuts- the entire track preserved). When I did it on shortened and edited clips, the matching goes wonky.


                Unless you want bad wonky frame matching reminiscent of Godzilla dubs.


                So, I perform the remapping on uncut tracks, and then edit after this Soundbooth treatment.


                Things they don't teach in Classroom In a Book course, or I had fallen asleep as both teacher and student.