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    Video output with CS4 vs CS3 is blurry


      Has anyone else noticed a loss of quality in output/encoded video from CS3 to CS4? I am encoding footage from CS4 with the same settings I used in CS3 and the quality of the video I get is far inferior to what I was getting with CS3. I am using the exact same settings on output and the exact same footage. The settings I’m using in encoder are (on Win7Pro 64bit):

      720x480 (4:3)
      Field Order: Lower
      VBR, 1Pass
      Min: 1.5
      Target: 7
      Max: 8
      GOP: M=3 N=15

      The final footage has blurring or ghosting. I used the same settings with CS3 on WinXP Pro and the footage looked great. Any ideas on what I need to do to correct this? Is this just a problem of CS4 or can it be fixed with a setting or something I’m Missing? Can I install CS3 on this system with CS4 already installed and not screw everything up? Or should I just dump the expensive CS4 and go back to CS3?

      Here is a sample of the footage output on CS4 vs CS3:





      Any help will be very appreciated.