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    This is getting really old


      This is getting really old. 

      I keep running into limits on the way I can access information.


      I have some code that was looking at a SerialElement:

      pSerialElement.getChildAt(0).toString();     trace produces "[object VideoElement]"


      Now if I simply store that SerialElement in a MediaElement (pMediaElement = pSerialElement )

      I no longer can do a getChildAt.

      trace pMediaElement = [object SerialElement]   (it says it's a SerialElement)

      trace pPlayer.media = [object SerialElement]

      1061: Call to a possibly undefined method getChildAt through a reference with static type org.osmf.media:MediaElement.


      You encourage us to use MediaElement, yet you lock us out of inspecting our elements

      once inside the MediaElement.


      I want read-only access to the objects inside of MediaElement.

      I should be able to inspect the SerialElement no matter which way it's stored.


      I honestly don't understand the logic, on an open source project, to locking everything down

      so tight with private vars.

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          bringrags Level 4

          This isn't an OSMF limitation, it's how AS3 works.  To access the method of a subclass (e.g. SerialElement.getChildAt), you have to cast the object to that subclass, e.g.:


          trace ((mediaElement as SerialElement).getChildAt(0));

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            jerryhamby Level 1

            Yes, this type casting you had mentioned before, just didn't stick in my memory.

            Sorry for the late night rant.


            I'm now getting the results I wanted, thanks again for your patience.



            result:  [object SerialElement]



            result:  [object SerialElement]


            trace ((pPlayer.media as SerialElement).getChildAt(0));

            result:  [object VideoElement]


            trace ((pMediaElement as SerialElement).getChildAt(0));

            result:  [object VideoElement]


            trace ((pMediaElement as SerialElement).getChildAt(0).resource);

            result:  [object URLResource]


            var vResource:URLResource = ((pMediaElement as SerialElement).getChildAt(0).resource as URLResource);

            trace (vResource.url);

            result:   ./media/walkin.flv