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    where lca file will stored in server ?

    PraveenKumar D

      Hi Experts,


      We are importing the LCA file from admin console and we are using  the services effectivily.Thats fine and cool.


      We are also installing  SA's. As part of that we are also deploying the lca files into the server.


      We searched deeply  where all lca files will store into server ?.We are using JBoss server .


      Please let us know where lca files will store in application server ?.


      We are waiting  for your valuable answers.




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          Jon Bionda

          When an LCA is deployed, its contents are stored in the Repository under the 'applications' folder.  But this folder is hidden from the Workbench view of the Repository. 


          Note that during deployment, the services/processes in the lca have their runtime information persisted into the LiveCycle database tables so you shouldn't be trying to do anything directly with the Respository  contents.