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    Convertion of FM markers for context-sensitive help

    robert-sfl Level 1

      Hello all, the convertion of FM markers appears to be severely buggy but of course I may be misunderstanding something.


      What I would expect RH to do: If a corresponding marker is found, the content (e.g. "1012") should be used as the map number of a CSH entry asigned to the topic. The help ID is not relevant because the software calls the help using the map number.


      What I get: The marker entry is used as the help ID (which is completely irrelevant for me), not the map number. The map number always starts with 1, regardless of the start number I set in the options dialog in the help IDs window. To make things worse, I always receive two CSH entries per marker, one with the marker content as help ID and the other with the topic title.


      It seems impossible to control the resulting map numbers, which is the relevant information for the software calling the help. Am I missing something here? Has anyone used this feature successfully?