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    DRM ebook editing


      Hi all,


      I was wondering if in the future, adobe digital edition would allow us to edit how a drm protected ebook is displayed on our readers?


      I bought an ebook (epub) which is drm protected and downloaded it from the shop in ADE.  The issue is that the book has way too much margin on my reader (sony prs 300).


      The text is too small to read at the smallest font setting, on medium, the margin grows even further.  Basically on a 5inch screen, its displayed in the center with massive blank space all around.


      Now I managed to edit the margin of a non drm ebook so it fills the screen better, and thats great.


      But why oh why, cant I do the same with the book I payed for (wasnt that cheap - £11) . the publisher did a poor job, and I cant do anything about it.


      I understand its protected, but please give us the means to adapt it to display properly on the reader.


      Its like I bought a scratched dvd, 'still viewable, but annoying to the extreme.'


      Sorry, bit of a rant for my first post. But needed to let it out somewhere.


      Hope to see this option in future updates of ADE.  Thank you.