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    RH7 Webhelp Show button not working correct in FF 3.6.0

    Willam van Weelden Level 5



      RH7 Webhelp and Firefox 3.6.0.


      The  'show navigation pane link' doesn't correctly work on Firefox 3.6.0..  This is the link you get in the top of a topic when you directly open a  topic instead. Clicking it shows the skin.


      In Firefox,  the skin is shown, but with the incorrect topic. If you also have  trouble with this bug, you can fix it as follows:


      1. Open whthost.js
      2. Find the function syncInit()
      3. Go to gInSync=false; at the bottom of the function.
      4. Replace the variable with:


                       setTimeout("FF_fix()", 1);


      1. Add the function FF_fix to whthost.js:


          function FF_fix()

      1. Save the changes.


      Hope this helps someone.






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