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    Transitions Effects between Elements




      it is possible to add transitions effects to the elments. For example by showing a serial compositions to load every item with a transitions.



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          bringrags Level 4

          Yes, you'd need to create a MediaElement that represents a transition, and then integrate it with your composition.  We've prototyped this, but don't have any working sample code to share.


          What kinds of transitions are you looking to do?

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            bugreport22 Level 1

            I want to create a player which shows videos, images, swfs on TV Displays for a Digital Signage System. Im trying to create playlists with SMIL and load it with OSMF. I extended already the SMILPlugin for my porpose but there are some buggy things in the framework using it with flex for now.


            For the first use I'm planing a wipe transition, when the next elements load to wipe it in. It looks better. But I dont know how to implement that.