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    Caligraphy Effect in Illustrator




      Basically, this is a small issue I've been having with Illustrator (if it can be called a problem) that nobody else seems to have encountered.

      If I use Adobe Flash (CS4) I can gain a fantastic caligraphy effect using the Paint Brush tool and setting the Smoothing to 100. It would seem that depending on the speed at which I draw, the program adjusts the width accordingly, sometimes even completely destroying some parts of the line.


      Now, you may be thinking "Well that's no good!", but it's exactly that effect that I want to achieve. That organic, hand-made effect. So, my question is:


      How on earth do I achieve that caligraphy effect in Adobe Illustrator CS4?


      I know that one can double-click on the Paint Brush tool and bring up a dialog in which Smoothness and Fidelity can be changed, but these options only appear to effect the roundness of corners and the like, rather than the thickness of the brush.


      So, is there any way to do this in Illustrator? Or will I have to continue using Adobe Flash to do my drawings?