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    How to loop FLV video?

    Will_3 Level 1


      - I imported an AVI video clip to Flash converting it to FLV

      - I published the project

      - I put the files on my web server

      - It automatically starts playing when you go to the web page


      How do I make the clip loop?

      I've not done much Flash and no Action Script - so the simpler the better


      Thanks for any help.



      (that may not be necessary to help me )

      - I wrote no Action Script to do this...

      - just imported/converted the video then published from Flash and them put on web server

      - Running Flash CS3 on PC with XP

      - I did Google this and found this how-to http://www.communitymx.com/content/article.cfm?cid=984BA

      But I can't find their download sample

      And, they say click on Frame-1 and press F9 then put code snippit in after line 7

      But, I see no Action Script when I click on Frame 1 and press F9... a window opens but no code appears...just a long menu on the left.


      Thanks again for any help.