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    Cannot Install eLearning Suite on Windows 7

    harooki2 Level 1

      Since I have not been able to get a straight answer from Adobe, I'll try here.  I get an error message that my system does not meet the minimum requirements of XP or Vista, but I'm running Windows 7.  Can anyone tell me if this application is compatible with Windows 7?  I find it hard to believe that it is not, but I'm at a standstill.

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          I'm using the eLearning suite on a Windows 7 laptop since months, but it is 32-bit. I just ignored the message when installing. You do have to run, at least Captivate, as an administrator. In the Captivate-forum some problems, more specific with the 64-bit version have been mentioned. Anyway be sure to install all the released updates, because they solved a lot of issues.


          Hope it works for you as it does for me,