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    Unable to open pdf with vers 9.0


      I have some pdfs that we are not able to open with Adobe Reader

      vers 9. The only previous version that I have been able to test them in was 6 and they open fine there. I believe that they are opening ok in other versions because we have some customers who can open them and some that can not.


      I have noticed that in Outlook 2007, I can preview them when they are sent as an attachment, but if i try to open them either as an attachement or when saved locally, Adobe starts to open, then locks up. No errors are received.


      My machine has the latest vers of Adobe Reader and all current updates installed. I have tried opening these on other machines, with AR 9 and had the same result.


      Not sure if there's some setting in Adobe 9 that can be adjusted or if there's something in particualr about these pdf's. I can post example if needed.