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    Can't "preview" in Firefox, but Firefox does render it on the web


      I need a horizontal menu bar with dropdowns that I'll be using on a site.  What I've made (adapting code from http://www.cssdrive.com/index.php/examples/exampleitem/css_drop_down_menu/ ) renders more or less OK when I upload it and then look at it using Firefox, but when I use Dreamweaver's "Preview in Firefox" function, nothing appears.  It does Preview OK with Safari, Chrome, and Opera.


      You can see the code at http://lavidtlaquepaque.com/Copy%20of%20Copy%20of%20index.html


      The other weird thing is that when viewing the page (on the web) using Firefox, it shows --> above the menu bar.  Again, that doesn't happen with Safari, Chrome, or Opera.


      I use a Mac, and I haven't had a chance yet to look at it in IE, so the above problems may be the least of my worries.  When I validate the code at Netrenderer, I get "The URL contains illegal characters."


      I'm no whiz at CSS, and I know nothing about Javascript.  If someone could bale me out, I'd appreciate it.  Or if you figure I'm in over my head and you know of a Menu Dropdowns for Complete Dummies tutorial, I'd appreciate that, too.