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    Testrunner performance..

    leftie friele Level 1

      We've spent quite some time getting a decent test harness up and running for our applicaiton, but it is extremely frustrating that this work has caused our testing efforts to grind to a hault.

      The performance of the test runner is just not acceptable. Given a set of 15-20 different FlexUnit classes the performance is just too slow. When testing just a few classes like this takes close to a minute I think the framework needs to address the issue of performance. So I wondered if this was a focus going forward?

      Idealy it wouldn't take longer to run our FlexUnit tests for simple components than for our JUnit tests...

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          legrosb Level 3

          @leftie friele - Can you give us a little more info on what test listener (=runner) you're using?  We have the UIListener, the CIListener, and variations of listeners in FlashBuilder, IntelliJ, FDT.  Are you running tests via a Maven or Ant build script when testing? 


          One minute to to run 15-20 tests sounds a bit high for FlexUnit4 using any of these listeners though.  Could you possibly show us a sample of a test that is taking extraorginally long out of the bunch so we can offer any help?  Are your tests written such that they test a single class and its responsibilities (unit test) or multiple classes and how they interact (integration test)?  Typically integration test times can go longer when waiting for multiple async events in a particular test, do your tests do this a lot?


          Just trying to get some context so we can better help answer your questions.  I have suites of tests numbering in the hundreds that I use the UIListener and CIListener with and they take only a few seconds to run.  Lets work to break down your setup more to figure out what could be causing the slow runtime.  Any additional info you can give us is appreciated.

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            mlabriola Level 4

            @leftie friele Any more information you can provide us? We don't know of anyone else experiencing the problem and would be happy to help if you can provide us more information