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    The document could not be saved. This file is already open.

    Sandy Martin Level 1

      This problem recently developed.with several versions of Acrobat Reader 9.x installed. The full version of Acrobat is not installed.

      Users used to be able to open an editable .pdf file in IE, edit it and save it. Some users can no longer do this. The are getting

      the error message "The document could not be savedl. This file is already open. Users who are able to save from within a browser, are actually

      using Acrobat Reader, which opens when opening the .pdf file from within the browser. Everyone can open Acrobat Reader V 9.x, edit an editable .pdf file and save it. It is just when the .pdf file is opened from a browser application, and the reader is not also launched. Help! This just started happening.