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    "Flash has quitted unexpectedly" - Please help!


      Hi there,

      I'm relatevely new to Flash CS4 - I am using it to create (hand-drawn) animations mostly. However, since I started using the IK function to animate my characters (instead of frame by frame) the file I am working on 'quit unexpectedly' often and often. Also, it freezes several time... I thought the file is too big but not sure anymore after having opened the same in a G5 quad to have the same probs! I am using an Imac 2.66 GHz Intel - Snow Leopard OS X 10.6 4GB ram...

      am I doing something technically wrong with the software functions?

      also, what is the recommendable file size to keep working without encountering such problems (i.e. freezing, slowing down, etc)?


      super thanks for your help!!!!