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    Handle large set of data using paging

      I am working on rendering chart with large amount of data. Just read some articles about handling large data using paging today. If anybody has dealt with this before, please give some thoughts or an example. Thanks in advance.
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          Using paging, application needs to handle ItemPendingError when the data is not loaded. ListBase components handle it, however, chart components not. I think charts don't like listbase component to have scrollbar for unlisted rows. Can you give an example what you want paging in your charts? Thanks!

          William Chan
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            SallyZhao Level 1
            I am developing a linechart. The data is stored in a plain text file. What I did is creating a web service that read all through the data and provide results for charting. The number of data is about 50000. The width of chart I created is about 15000, which enbales to view the line series properly. However, the sreen is not enough to display that long. Therefore, I put my chart in the fix width canvas and able to scroll to view the whole chart. Because the hugh amount of data, it takes time to display in the chart. So I am wondering whether I can display my chart incrementally, maybe using paging or other techniques. Do you have any idea?
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              aBill Level 1

              It sounds like it is good scenario in chart. However, scrolling the canvas to see the chart has no get items involved.(not communicating with the chart controls) I could not think of anyway to do it! BTW. do you experience any performance issue in your app. I suggest to use remoteobject to get the data. I think it can make your app run faster, since amf is more compact and has faster deserialization.

              William Chan