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    Function/Variable naming...

    SpaghettiCoder Level 3

      This may seem like a silly question but is there any negative drawbacks to naming your variables/functions with somewhat longer than normal names?







      does it make the app bigger?


      does it make the app slower?


      Are there any negatives for doing so, or does it simply make your code easier to read?

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          Matt Le Fevre Level 4

          It'll make the app larger marginally due to the longer names, but other than that i don't think there are any other noticeable changes.


          In the long run i think the benefits such as:


          - code that is easier to read by others

          - more intuitive code

          - easier to maintain

          easily outweight the slight negatives.




          so yeah, never skimp on that kind of stuff in my opinion. Like i said the file size will be a tiny bit bigger, and app speed may be a tiny bit slower, but we're taking bytes and barely microseconds here.

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            AdrianWiecek Level 3



            I prefer longer but more descriptive names in my code. Yes your source files will get a little bigger but that's not a problem unless you have some constraints(like banners) and I think it has nothing to do with performance.

            Generally I put code readability in the first place because it's easier to maintain well written code. Performance issues are usually considerated in later stages of development. As Donald Knuth said: "Premature optimization is the root of all evil".



            Adrian Wiecek