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    2 sets of Radio Buttons in a Form-complications


      Hello everyone,


      I have been looking around for code to assist me in building a form. I have developed the form, and just have a couple problems that I can't figure out.


      In one question on the form the user can choose from one set of radio buttons and select one of the five options. Then I have a second set of radio buttons, that the user can again only choose one option. My problem is that I only want the user to be able to select from the second set of radio buttons if they selected a certain option in the first set. An example to clear up my problem:


      Did you finish the training:






      So if the user selected yes from the first set of radio buttons, I want the second set of radio buttons to now be selectable:


      The training was:


      Up-beat and enjoyable



      The conditions that I am using are very different than these but this is just a simple skit. So how do I make the second set of radio buttons unselectable until the user selects a specific radio button from the first set of radio buttons.


      Thanks, I really appreciate the help!