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    QTP 10.0 and Flex application built with Flex 2.0


      Hi All,


      I am new to QTP and Flex integration. We have a application which is built using Flex 2.0 and we have purchased QTP 10.0.


      I have following questions


      1. Which version of flex-plugin should I use

      a. Flex 2.0

      b. Flex 3.0

      c. Flex 4.0


      2. I have downloaded Flex 4.0 and installed it on one of our machines and I am able to record and replay the sample application(Flex Store)  provided by Adobe which I guess is built using Flex 2.0.

      Will using Flex 4.0 work if the developers are asked to perform the configuration of the pplication using Flex 2.0


      3. Where will I get the automation installer for Flex 2.0

      On the website of Adobe I see the following

      "Download the Flex Automated Testing installer from the Adobe website." when I click on the link it shows Flex builder for 2.0.1 but there is not mention of Flex automated testing installed


      Thanks for all your help