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    "After Effects does not support the current OS language."


      Hello, I've been using After Effects for atleast 3 years now and ever since I upgraded to Windows 7, I can't use the program anymore.

      Photoshop works fine, but when I try to start up After Effects, this pops up:



      I already tried to do what the error tells me to do, but with no results.

      And I seem to be the only person in the world with this problem or the only person is the world incapable of solving it myself, since I looked all over the internet, google, these forums, troubleshooting section...

      I even tried downloading the trail version from this site even though I own the full product.

      Still giving me the same error.

      Tried downloading language packs, and completely changing my Windows 7 OS Language to English (since I'm from The Netherlands, my OS is in Dutch).


      Any surgestions?