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    SSL Protocol Error. Certificate is either invalid or common name...


      There is only one website I have found that has this issue for us.  It is collegesource.org.  I have worked with their support but so far we have no solution.


      I have Windows Vista with IE7, Firefox 3.6 and chrome 4.0 and Adobe Reader 9.3.


      When I attempt to open the course catalogs for any school on this website it gives me the error below. XP machines on the same network with IE7 can access the PDFs on this site just fine.  We could work around this by just downloading the PDFs and opening them outside of the browser but unfortunately when you right click and try to save the target it is a frame.htm.



      Every search I have done for this error only finds 1 similar post and that problem doesn't have a resolution.


      I also attempted to downgrade to Adobe Reader 8.1 and the error I received was "this computer must be connected to the network in order to open this document"