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    Using still photos with Premiere and Photoshop Elements


      Hey: I am a newspaper multimedia producer stuck with using Premiere Elements 4.0 in conjunction with Photoshop Elements 3.0 (and, no, the powers-that be won't upgrade me). I have produced a lot of multimedia work with this configuration (see http://wvgazette.com/multimedia) but often get poor quality when I import still photos into my video projects. So, a couple questions:


      1/ I think I read on this forum that imported still photos put into Elements after Photshop editing, should be about 1,000 pixels wide and not larger. Is that correct?

      2/ Will my stills be less fuzzy online when I open them through Premiere Elements as a .psd file, edit them in Photoshop and them save them to my Project in Elements that way?

      3/ If that (or another means) is the way to do it, would I then batch process the 30 or still photos I need for my current project to .psd files of 1,000 pixels wide and then import them one at a time into Elements as Elements .psd files?


      I generally export my finished videos from Elements as full-size DV AVI files, then use Adobe's Video Encoder to reduce them to a de-interlaced, Web-site friendly .flv filed sized to 640 by 425, which we then upload atop our stories.Here is a recent Elements multimedia piece which will show the problem I've had with fuzzy still photos. I thought I'd imported these a stills as 1,000 pixels wide, but I had not tried doing anything more than that.



      Any help appreciated.



      Charleston Gazette

      Charleston W.Va.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Most of the answers -- including how to batch resize -- are in the FAQs to the right of this forum.



          You seem to have a good understanding of resolution. And, knowing that video resolution is essentially 640x480 pixels, I think you understand why photos used in a video are never quite as detailed as the original pictures.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9



            I feel that there IS a difference between JPEG's and PSD's onto the Timeline. Yes, it is minimal, but I can see it - some others cannot.


            This ARTICLE will give you some tips on automating the Scaling process. It is written for PS, but PSE does almost the same things, though with slightly different buttons to push. It also talks a bit about the Scaling algorithms in PS vs the lesser ones in PrE (or PrPro). Also, one has two choices (in PS CS2, and more in PS CS4) that can affect the video output - Bicubic Sharper and Bicubic Smoother. I find that Smoother works better for most images, but when in doubt, will experiment. Smoother normally works a bit better for Titles to video, as well.


            Note: most of the "numbers" in that article reflect sizes in SD Projects. If one is doing an HD SlideShow (no consideration being paid to video source files), then the sizes will go up to match, or only slightly exceed the Frame Size of an HD Project, designed for BD distribution. Some have become confused a bit there, so I now point this out.


            Hope that this is helpful. Hope that all is well in Kanawha County.


            Good luck,



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              douglaseye Level 1

              Thanks, guys, for this advice. I will see how this new projects still images work in my next video piece, utilizing some of this mojo. All is well and crazy in Kanawha County!