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    Custom Indents


      Im trying to apply an indent to my text which is located inside a div id.  I want to indent the entire paragraph of text - how can I accomplish this?


      I have tried adjusting the "text indent" category inside the CSS Rules dialog box, but that only adjusts the first line.  I can also use the indent buttons located inside the Properties Inspector, but it indents the paragraph too far.  Is there a way to customize this?


      Any help would be appreciated,


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          martcol Level 4

          If I understand you correctly you could use CSS to apply padding to the <div> that the <p> is inside or you could add margin or padding to the paragraph.


          Give the paragraph you are trying to indent an id or if you want the same on several paragraphs give them a class.


          <p class="indent-text">


          .indent-text {

          padding-left: 10px;



          Somthing like that



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            rchsmike1 Level 1

            The problem I'm having with applying the margin or padding is that I have an image in the background and it become offset when I make the adjustments.  Should I just create two seperate divs: one for text and another for the image?  Or is there a way to accomplish this in one div?

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              rchsmike1 Level 1

              Creating a class inside the div worked, thanks!