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    Editable Tag Attribute in CS4 template Mystery


      Hello All,


      I've created a template for a clients web page, and now wish to make the ID attribute editable in the content wrapper div tag. Thought that it would be pretty straightforward - but it's not working quite right. Here's what I did:


      found the <div id="contentWrapper> in the template code, highlighted it, and then Modify>Templates>make attribute editable.


      Editable tag attributes box popped up - Choose which attributes of this DIV tag should be editable - I chose ID (because I want to be able to substitute a different CSS ID).


      Checked Make attribute Editable

      Label = backgroundadjust

      Type = text

      Default = contentWrapper


      Clicked okay.


      However, when I look at my template in design view, the template within the <div> tag loses its formatting, even though contentWrapper is the default ID, as per my selections in the editable tag attribute box.




      Any suggestions, or what I am doing wrong?