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    Distortion on Imported Audio

    Trevor in Denver

      I have seen some discussions regarding this for Captivate Version 2 and Version 4, but I am using Version 3 and wonder if there is a solution. I have received professionally recorded narration for a project in WAV format (44 kHz, 16 bit) that I import to my project and Captivate seems to be amplifying it to distortion levels, even when imported, so not just after publishing. Is there a setting that I can't seem to find to prevent any type of manipulation of the audio file (no normalization or dynamic processing)? I don't know what other solution I can apply to fix this. I have batch processing capabilities with Audacity and Sound Forge, if need be, as I have over 132 audio files for three movies. I don't recall ever having these problems in the last 6 years of using Captivate...


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks (I hope)