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    Video flickers after exporting

    Diego EMB Productions

      Hey guys, im using video footage obtained from a sony cybershot, these are its properties:


      Type: MPEG Movie
      File Size: 4.1 MB
      Image Size: 640 x 480
      Pixel Depth: 32
      Frame Rate: 25.00
      Source Audio Format: 32000 Hz - compressed - Mono
      Project Audio Format: 32000 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Mono
      Total Duration: 00:00:11:22
      Average Data Rate: 354 KB / second


      The problem i have is that when exporting using these settings:


      NSTC, 720x480, 25 [fps], lower

      AAC, 192 [kbps], 48 kHz, stereo

      VBR, 1 Pass Target 3.00, Max 6.00 [Mbps]


      the music sounds fine but the video flickers like skipping frames or something. What am I doing wrong?