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    Help! Links not working

    Chelmich Level 1

      I spent quite some time today, adding a large submenu to my spry menu bar, only to find that the links won't work.  I have tried everything I can think of but can't figure this out!  Please help!


      Here is an example of one of the links I did today:


      <li><a href="../Document Center/Government/Planning and Zoning/Appealing%20admin%20app.doc">Appeal of Administrative Decision</a></li>


      It doesn't work!  And I used the "browse" feature so I know there are no mispellings, and that the file does in fact exist.


      Here is an example of a link that was done prior to today, same menu bar, the only difference I can see is this one has one less folder but I wouldn't think that would matter??


      <li><a href="../Document Center/Government/Available Assistance for Residents.pdf">Available Assistance for Residents</a></li>


      BTW, it doesn't matter if I am looking at this locally or if I have uploaded.  I get a file cannot be found message.


      Out of desperation I finally "undid" all the changes I made and uploaded the original file, didn't want to have 20 or more bad links in one menu!


      My only other thought is perhaps I have too many/not enough <ul> & <li>'s in my menu (this is an additional submenu) but it looks right and when I tell DW CS4 to "validate document" I don't get any errors. . .


      Thanks much!