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    Error #2004 with AIR Sidecar install from CD on Mac OS X?

    Jason C Hoyt

      Hello everybody.


      I'm trying to create an installer CD for a client for their AIR app along with the Adobe Sidecar installer.  It works perfectly on Mac OS X and Windows from a USB.  If I burn a DMG (hybrid option) onto a CD from the mac it installs both AIR and the APP flawlessly on Windows.  When the CD is inserted on a Mac OS X, the installer usually errors out near the end with Error Code #2004.  All I have to do is run the installer again and the installer always installs both AIR and the APP flawlessly then.  The air app also installs on all platforms online perfectly using the Badge installer.


      The installer on a Mac (first time around) seems to get almost near the end.  It asks the user to install, to accept the AIR license agreement and is prompted for the Mac OS password.  The installer (which is titled with the correct APP name) progress bar goes 100% (which I'm guessing is the AIR installer) before restarting and getting to about 60% before the #2004 error occurs.  Then it seems to back out of both the AIR and app  installer (neither get installed).  I've cleared all AIR caches and uninstalled AIR and restarted before trying this again.  It is just annoying that it installs fine after clicking on the same installer file immediately after the initial #2004 error.


      Has anyone experienced the same issue?  Does anyone have a solution or at least something that could cause the problem (AIR file sizes, etc.)?


      Thank you,

      Jason Hoyt