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      I am working on a video in after effects. Im new to this program and am not understanding how to layer. I did all of my effects on the composition and am now wanting to do motion tracking.  Yet it wont let me because motion tracking can only be done in  layer. How can I fix? also can someone explain to me what the different types of layers are and how and when to use them

      Thank you Jenn

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          There's introductory information about layers here: "Layers overview"


          I strongly recommend starting here: "Getting started with After Effects"

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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you wish to motion track an entire composition all you have to do is to drag that composition into a new one, select the nested composition (or pre-comp) and track that layer.


            If the object you are tracking is something that you animated then it's much easier, faster, and much more accurate to copy the appropriate keyframes and paste them to a new layer or property, tie the motion together with a simple expression, or parent a new layer to the animated one.


            It would help a lot if we knew a lot more about your project. Even a screen shot of the timeline or flow chart would help a bunch in pointing you in the right direction.