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    Not sure what my question is -- problems with buttons and movie clips


      Too long away from Flash and InDesign just doesn't have the same interactive capabilities. I'm trying to take a US map and, for each state, onRollover or some such, have that state move front and center and have details about the state appear. I've got a movie clip made that does that, but Arrange (what's in front and what's in back, with 50 different movie clips) is causing problems and I'm trying to turn each state into a button to star the movie clip -- but then how to end it and go back to the whole map, OR, just hover the mouse over each state to bring up movie clip, then, onRollOut, have it go back to the whole map.


      Any ideas for what is the best way to do this and what type of actionscript I need?


      Thank you so so much in advance,