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    CS4 Installation problem


      Hello there,


      just downloaded the trial of Flash CS4, tried to install it and got the following error:


      Adobe Flash CS4 Extension - Flash Lite STI en


      Error 1624. Error applying transforms. Verify that the specified transform paths are valid.


      Already used the Microsoft MSI Cleaning tool, full registry cleaner but no success.


      Also I'm unable to uninstall the Flash CS4, it is stuck in my CP > Programs and Features.


      Tried to Google it for a while but couldn't find much related issues or solutions to it. Please advise.


      Here are my system details:


      Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 (64bit)

      AMD Phenom(tm) 8550 Triple-Core Processor 2.20GHz

      4.00 RAM

      500GB SCSI Hard Drive


      Thank's Alot,