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    Maybe this SSD is The One?

    Steve Zeeeee Level 1

      I am a photoshop user wondering all this stuff.

      Maybe you "performance" artists can offer some advice?



      Would it be a productive move to use this 50GB SSD for a startup-OS-apps drive?

      I dont mind the $/GB if this is really hot.  They also claim that ssd performance

      degradation is gone on this one.  They give a FIVE year warranty now.

      It would replace a 74 GB velociraptor.   This is about $250 toy. 

      For the same money I can change ram from 10GB to 14GB.

      Or do neither of these for what we really gain?    I like the fun of a hot performer

      as well as the productivity value if this would be a significant improvement.


      And is this a smart move:

      Move OS X's swap drive to something faster

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      here is the rave choice for SSD (same as first link):



      here is the rave review:



      and a photoshop user:




      MacPro Octo 2.26

      10 GB Ram

      CS4, LR 3

      74 GB WD Velociraptor (10000 rpm) start up disk with apps.

      according to iStat I get about 50-80 MB/sec. read/writes

      500GB software RAID 0 on outer 2 WD640 caviar blacks (7200rpm)


      NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 512 VRAM



      Thanks anyone who can chime in on this!