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    .wmv and .flv / .swf glitches

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      I'm extreeeemly new to Dreamweaver and media coding however...


      I have a couple glitches with videos I've placed in separate pages on our site.  First, using Firefox, the .wmv files always shrink down to approximately 2/3's the size set for them to play in (412x381) ...don't know why this happens & can't see any variables in the code.


      Now with .flv / .swf files, I've tried to input them by using the Insert > Media > FLV command or Insert > Media > SWF and, after saving the file, had nothing but a white box show up on my page.  After trying it several times with no luck, and converting the original quicktime video different ways, I finally looked closer at the code in my web page.  I noticed the file being referenced as the "video" was FLVPlayer_Progressive.swf rather than my .swf or .flv file... why would this be?  As soon as I changed that file name to reference my .swf file name ...the movie played no problem ...too odd! 

      Also, should .flv / .swf files be limited to a certain size?


      The final issue I have (so far) is with the resizing on screen should the screen zoom in / out option be used in a browser.  When the screen is resized, the video maintains its dimensions but the box for it to be placed in grows/shrinks.  Is there a way around this?


      Thanks a bunch!!



      You can reference the video pages at:


      .wmv file:



      .swf file: