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    DW destroys file encoding while saving them

    Numediaweb Level 1

      hello there!


      I wanted to modifiy the latest wordpress file "wp-config-sample.php" by opening it and saving it without any changes and guess what; dreamweaver CS3 modifies the encoding of this file making un-usable to wordpress installation.


      I tried to open this file in notepad and save it in defferent encoding, and her's the results;

      save as --> ANSI --> works

      save as --> Unicode --> does not work

      save as --> Unicode Bg Endian--> does not work

      save as --> UTF --> works


      so at least saving in ANSI or UTF encoding works, but, in dreamweaver whatever I try it doesn't work, does that mean notepad is more advanced than DW!!


      the file "wp-config-sample.php" doesn't contain any header information, just some PHP variables to define.


      Dreamweaver CS 3 acts strange mayb when it doesn't find any header encoding information in the file.



      any help?


      NB: I checked the settings in the preferences and tried saving using the BOM segnitureand without it.. but always the same probleme