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    New to DW css

    Imcookin Level 1

      I'm working on a DW assignment for a class I'm taking in DW (it's an online class). My project is to create an original website with a few pages. I'm having trouble getting my css to "take." For example, when I highlight the text I'd like to apply a style to, nothing happens. When I go to the "targeted rule" menu and scroll and highlight the style I'd like, the text stays the same.


      Keep in mind, I am completely new to DW as well as codes, so you need to talk to me as if I was a toddler!! Can anyone help?

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          Need more information -


          Have you created a CSS class to change to? something like this -


          .red { color: red; font-size: 16px; }



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            Imcookin Level 1

            Not quite sure what you mean by changing to a css class. If you could be more specific I might be able to answer (but again, keep in mind, I'm very new to this). I've defined all the styles and they're attached to my site, but I just can't get them to apply to the text I'm highlighting. If this helps at all, this is what I'm doing....I highlight the text I'd like to change to a style that I've defined. When I go to the "targeted rule" menu in the property inspector, I scroll down to the style that I'd like, but nothing happens. The menu for "targeted rule" remains the same (which is <New CSS Rule>).

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              reflexseo Level 1

              You must be HTML mode, if you are working on the code or design view.


              the Target rule is only specific if you are creating link to something. It allows you to open a new page to that link.


              The area that you want to work with is the Class box, with the drop down box. It will allow you to pick a class that you have predefined, such as my initial reply to you.

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                martincou Level 3

                Here is a quick start :


                The class selector is used to specify a style on several elements. A class selector always begin with a dot (.).


                Ex: .red




                The id selector is used to specify a style for a single, unique  element. It should be used only one time per page. An Id selector always begin with (#).


                Ex: #divMainContent


                * Id selectors are often used to define main section of a layout (Header, Content, Footer, etc...)




                You have an element selector which will target a specific HTML element, like p (for paragraphs), ul (unordered lists), ol (ordered lists) etc ...


                If you like to layout a web page in DW, you need to learn CSS. It will help you a lot !


                You can go on Adobe Developer Connection - Dreamweaver CSS Section. It contains a lot of information to help you with this essential part of web design.


                Hope this help !