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    how to delete editable regions and template?


      Hi everybody,


      I posted this question earlier in the web discussions area, being unaware of a forum specific to Dreamweaver. Sorry for posting in two different places.


      For the past week, I have been  learning Dreamweaver CS4 from an online tutorial. I got to the place  where I generated a template (index.dwt) from the main page (index.html)  and created some editable regions on it. At that point, I realized   that I had done all the steps by rote and did not actually absorb what I  was doing. I wanted to delete the template in order to repeat the steps and gain a better understanding of the process. When I tried to delete the  editable regions (modify-templates-remove editable regions), I was  unable to do so because "remove editable regions" was greyed out. Nor  was I able to delete the html code. I tried to  delete the template itself, but when I did that, the index.html page  retained those editable regions! Can anyone tell me if there is a way to  get back to the place I was in before creating the template?


      Thank you  for any assistance.