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    Changing speed of video takes WAY TOO long to encode?

    curtdbz Level 1

      So my computer is a new one;  i7 920 processor, 1 gb nvidia card geforce, and it can run Crysis on high specs, 30 fps.  So it can't be computer, well I hope not.


      I'm running windows 7 64 bit, and am using CS4 Premiere Pro.  My problem is that when I am editing a video, I use speed ups a lot.  Usually they're around 2000% faster than they normally should be, and I increase the speed of the video by right clicking on the desired clip and clicking on "Speed/Duration", and changing it there.


      I'm not sure if I should have posted this in the Encore section but anyway, it encodes fine when I export it (exporting to MP4 with h.264 codec) UNTIL it hits the parts of the video that are speeded up by me.  It takes very very long to encode it, and my system is running on High Performance!  For example, to encode a clip that's originally minutes long, but has been speed up so it's only about 20 seconds, it takes 2 hours to encode!  (Actually 1.5 hours).  The original footage I'm dealing with is 720p HD .mov footage, and I downloaded all the codecs, as well as Quick Time, just to make sure.


      So, the problem only occurs during the speeded up clips.  Is this a common problem?  Is there a more efficient way of speeding (or even slowing, the problem occurs when things are slowed down as well) up video, such that it doesn't take this long to encode?  Thank you for your time!