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    Inserting an image


      when i insert an image i want, everything works, but once i upload the index and folders to a website, the picture isnt there, only like what the border would be. How can i have pictures on a website i make

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          It looks like you have done everything right so I am not sure why your picture does not show. One thing you could try is maybe to use a .jpg extension. These picture files are smaller and load quickly. Maybe the problem is that you have a very large bmp file uploaded and it is taking a long time to load from your web server.


          Whatever the case may be, I hope you get your picture up and running soon.

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            bregent Most Valuable Participant

            When asking for help regarding your uploaded site, it's very important to include the url. Otherwise we can only guess.

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              BCDoherty Level 3

              If the image is a bitmap file (.bmp), then it will not show. Only .jpg, .gif, and .png files are recognized by browsers. Bitmap files are vastly huge anyway.