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    Link Submit button to email address (was: Forms)


      How do I get the form to be l

      inked to an email address when they hit the submit button? Thanks

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          Maybe I can help but first let us know what you want the form to do for you. Is it that you want gather data from the forms or simply just send an email.

          The more information you supply, the easier it sw to get help.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            What form? What e-mail? What server?



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              NealeN Level 1

              Thank you for taking the time to reply. I have designed a wbsite for wedding videos. I'm using DW CS3. I want the user to put in name, email address, date of wedding, contact number, wedding venue and any other relevent details. The name, email address etc are in boxes. there is one drop down box for selecting a particular package and a comment feild. I then would like them to enter this information and when they push the submit button, I want it to send an email to me with this information.

              The hosting will be by a service provider www.easywddings.com.au

              I hope this is enough info, so that you can help me.

              Thank you again.

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                It will be easy to  Dreamweaver any version and we create the Submit form i.e. Name, Password, E-mail, Contact No. etc.& also the submit button the location which the form will be submitted

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                  Robert Heist II Level 3

                  Well Neal, a form is really just an interface for a server-side script which processes the data from the form and does whatever you want it to do, email it, put it in a txt file or a database, etc.  The action attribute of the form tag is used to connect the form with a server-side script which will handel the data.  So, you can design the html form in DW but you will need some server-side script to process the data.


                  Depending on your hosting service, their web servers will support different server-side languages.  Your host (http://www.easyweddings.com.au) seems to support ASP and may support others.  So, you will have to either get the host to explain what server-side scripting solutions they already have for processing form data, or you will have to hire a developer to create a script to make one for you (or learn ASP yourself).


                  The thing almost every client of mine doesn't understand is that a "simple" web site is never just "simple" if it includes a form.  Forms require more than just html, css and javascript and though I personally know ASP, CFML and PHP they are not nearly as simple as a straight html site.


                  Check with your host and see if they have some form to email server-side script already in place.  I suspect they do and will give you directions on how to connect your form to their precreated solution.

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                    drawa54 Level 1

                    Hi NealeN.


                    I was in the same position as you are in and came to this forum for help. Like Robert said, it's not simple and it's a steep learniing curve to do it yourself. I took the easy way around and bought a dreamweaver extension downloaded from http://www.hotdreamweaver.com/form-to-database

                    for US29. It is easy to use and saved me a lot of time.  But have a look around the web and you might get a better deal.


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                      Can you tell me is there any update in dreamweaver Database??? recently i used form for http://www.amberleereceptions.com.au/ but i think sometimes error occurs.

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                        Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        This is a very old discussion.  I don't understand what you're asking.  Please start a new topic & be more specific.



                        Nancy O.