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    Got a popup wanting to install new version of Adobe Updater - is it legit, or malware?


      Auto Adobe Updater wants to install a new version of itself.  Doesn't say what Adobe product it relates to.  All I have on this laptop are the freebies - Reader, Flash, etc.  I don't know if there is one updater, or many, one for each product.  I've generally trusted these popups, so I said "yes".  I then searched Drive C for "Adobe" and found nothing newer than March 3rd.  My version of Updater is still 5.  Nothing else happened, but while investigating online, I found a "critical" update to Reader was announced last month, and I didn't have it yet.  So I manually got Reader 8.2.1, then later installed 9.3.1 instead.  Called Adobe to see if such Updater updates are being distributed, and they said "We don't support free software, go to the forums."  So, even though my version is still 5, updater never updated me for a critical update, and I have no new files, can I trust this popup wasn't for the distribution of malware?  Anyone else getting this popup?