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    Video errors -- Cant open save files!




      Im on Premiere Pro CS4 and I am having big problems with opening my files. Recently, I cloned my hard drives and reinstalled everything - premiere included. But now, when I try to open the save files, it does not allow me!I already done what it told me with the reimporting and "Where is file x" stage, but thats where the problem hits. When I go to import those original video files (all either .mpg or .mp4's), it always says it is damaged, unsupported or comes up with a "generic" error. Re-encoding does not even work (using MediaCoder for now to do the conversions), as it just says "file is unsupported", despite it being in the proper H.264 and .mp4 containers. I am however able to make it passed that screen, only to be greeted with "media offline" errors.


      Is there any solution for this? I need it done by monday, and I fear il have to recreate a good 2 months work if I cant get this thing working.


      Thanks if anything


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          shooternz Level 6

          Why... and how did you "clone your drives" ?

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            Copper94 Level 1

            Sorry, that's sort of a irrelevant step I mentioned.

            Basically, drive cloning is essentially what it sounds like, making an exact duplicate of the Hard drive. Done this because I got a new 500GB hard drive to replace my older one. So, I cloned the contents of my 250 to the 500. Didnt matter in the end however, still had to reinstall everything.

            As far of how, EASEUS makes decent cloning tools imho.


            But like I said before, its pretty irrelevant.




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              shooternz Level 6

              Its not irrelevant because your issues started after you "cloned your drives"


              First step of trouble shooting is "what was changed".


              I'm out of here.

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                Copper94 Level 1

                You may want to fully read my last post again, I crafted a beutiful definition of "drive cloning"!


                But I see I get nowhere here anyways, thanks for trying.

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                  shooternz Level 6

                  You come in here (with a first post) with a legitimate issue that is real and frustrating to you.  We understand.


                  You are unprepared to get a resolution from the collective wisdom by your intransigence... so you will be unsuccessful in your quest.


                  Monday must seem to be very close..

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                    Copper94 Level 1

                    Hello Again,


                    If anyone else is having this problem, on a hunch, I checked the metadata of the files I was importing.

                    I sort of knew what I would expect, some data about the file format and length, etc, but it turns out that the length value was missing.


                    In short, the metadata was corrupt. <--- Not a surprise, it was always before and after the clone, however, I guess from that time, Adobe decided to stop accepting that.


                    So, rather then replicating the problem by reencoding into the same file format (Thats what I done originally), I decided on a hunch to try a different format (In my case Xvid). And voila, opens.



                    So, in short again; Try using a different format if you get those errors, something may have gotten corrupted along the way.





                    Ps. So, I guess my Quest is finished. <.<

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      I would have chosen to convert to DV-AVI Type II w/ 48KHz 16-bit PCM/WAV Audio for SD and HDV for HD material. Xvid is about the worst CODEC that you could have chosen. You are starting with compressed media to begin with, and Xvid is very heavily compressed and is a delivery-only CODEC for streaming media. I am very surprised that the files Import, or edit. Usually, if Xvid/DivX will Import, one only gets either Audio, or Video, and there are usually dynamic OOS, if both streams do Import.


                      Good luck,



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                        Copper94 Level 1

                        Il certainly try that, the material was taken all from SD Handicam anyways, so I was not too worried about Quality, I just needed it finished and dealt with.


                        But now that it's done with, Il give it a go, it did get blurrier when I used that format.