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    Custom Recording Size NO Re-Recording

      I use captivate 3. I need to record at exactly 900X695 pixels resolution. Also need to use re-recording feature. RE-recording is only available is you select "Application" before starting to record. Though this selection does allow the re-recording feature, I cannot set the recording size that I want. If I select the "customize size" to record, I can then set the exact recording size I need but the re-recording feature in not availabe. Any way around this?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi Benoit,
          Maybe I am missing something. I recognize that what you are saying is true, but I am having difficulty understanding why it is a problem ...

          Why not use the "Application" recording selection, then use the mouse left-click-and-drag to size the window as you want it (by dragging the recording window "handles"), then use the "Window" selector and click "Snap to fit" (to the custom size...)?

          That should allow you to keep the "Rerecord" option, while still retaining control over the size of your recording window.

          But like I said, I may be missing something, so let me know why that won't work for you. Have a nice day!