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    Bug of ExternalInterface

    Adam Wu Level 1
      ExternalInterface class is a good way to transfer date between flash and html. But I found a bug today. In IE AS can activate html's JS function, but can never get the return value from it. Firefox have no problem.
      I tried Adobe's sample application "IntrovertIM", the problem is the same

      Is this a bug?

      Source file: http://www.adamstudio.cn/lab/AsCallJs.rar

      I tried many time, finally found where the problem is: The JS code to activate ActiveX!
      If delete that code, insert the flash directly, everything is OK:
      Player8,AS2: http://www.adamstudio.cn/lab/var/test/test_v8.html
      Player9,AS3: http://www.adamstudio.cn/lab/var/test/test_v9.html

      If have that code, error shows up in IE:

      Although I found where the problem is, buy I don't know how to solve it. Active ActiveX and let AS get JS's return value at the same time. Any one have an idea?

      All the source files: http://www.adamstudio.cn/lab/var/test/test.rar