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    importing files from canon hf20


      As a newbie to video editing - is it possible to import video files direct from a  canon hf20 (I believe the files are mod)

      without first downloading them to the supplied image mixer software.

      Also once finished with any editing do I need further software to burn them to either a standard dvd or for a very short

      movie to the blu ray format on a standard dvd.

      Thanks for any advice.

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          nealeh Level 5

          There are a few posts about the HF20: http://forums.adobe.com/search.jspa?q=canon+hf20&resultTypes=MESSAGE&dateRange=all&communi tyID=3271&username=


          This one is probably the most relevant: Re: Canon HF-20 Camcoder is not recongnized


          For DVD's you don't NEED any extra software to burn your project but many, including me, burn to folder and use other programs to do the burning. There are no burn to folder options for Blu-Ray (unless you use a 'virtual burner').


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            smokey.100000 Level 1

            Thanks very much for the advice - looks as though the easiest option is to stick with Image mixer

            for importing the files from the canon and then find the files on your pc with whatever  editing software you are using.

            Thanks again

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              VDOSurfer Level 3

              This is a better approach as well.


              Even if you can get files directly from the camera, you are relying heavily on the

              USB/Firewire connectivity. A small connection loss and there could be bad problems within Premiere Elements. Also, to view the files directly on the PC, you would rather have them on a safe HDD rather than in the camera eating up the space there..


              That's my practice anyways..

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                Chrisholly Level 1

                This is my workflow for importing video files from a Canon HF20 to a PC (Win 7) and then subsequently editing them :

                1. Turnoff HF20 & connect to mains power
                2. Connect HF20 to PC using the white USB cable (mini USB on 1 end, regular USB on other end)
                3. Turn on HF20 and on the LCD panel press the Camera Camera/Play button (lower right)
                4. You should see the panel display "Creating thumbnails ..." then
                5. You should see the panel display PC Connection
                6. In Windows 7 the autoplay dialogue box should open
                7. Select "Organise and Edit using Adobe Elements 8 Organiser" option
                8. In Windows you should see the "Elements Organiser - Photo Downloader" dialogue box
                9. Enter your specific download settings such as folder name, file rename etc.
                10. Select Get Photos
                11. Video/stills will now transfer to the PC
                12. Elements Organiser should open for you to tag, add to album etc. Or start Organiser manually
                13. Get creative ..


                Note: I still have issues getting the video thumbnails in organiser to show an actual frame, makes tagging harder.  I have not installed ImageMixer.  I already have the ZoomBowserEx installed but that is for my Canon DSLR.  Don't use it for importing files.


                As far as creating DVD is concerned I intend to create directly from Premier Elements 8 to disc however the one time I tried it, it crashed.  I might try external DVD writing software as well to create the Video DVD.  You will need external program to write Bluray format to regular DVD.


                Rgds Chris

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                  smokey.100000 Level 1

                  Thank you both for your advice. I use Vista so wonder if that makes a big difference.

                  Also just for info the lead that came with my Canon is black with a thick ish cable -

                  much thicker than you would see for instance when connecting a mobile phone to

                  a PC although the plugs are the same....


                  Vista does not regognise the Canon nor show any mention when you check

                  Computer/devices with removeable storage - it's as though it does not exist...

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                    Chrisholly Level 1

                    Vista shouldn't make a difference.  I tried it on a Vista box just then, as soon as I pressed the Camera/Play button on the Canon LCD, Vista installed the drivers and opened the Autoplay dialogue box.  I don't have Adobe Pre8/Pse8 on the Vista box so I couldn't do the import as I suggested above, but I could open Explorer and navigate to the directory on the Canon where the .mts files are kept.


                    The Canon showed up in Vista Computer -> Hard Disk Drives,  not in the Computer - Devices with Removable Storage.


                    The Vista box was Vista Home Premium 32bit system.

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                      smokey.100000 Level 1

                      I'm missing something here..still no luck.....and have just realised that my pc/vista does not do it's usual

                      "ding" when you plug in a usb plug..........

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                        VDOSurfer Level 3

                        Do you turn it on after connecting it to the PC? You should go the playback mode and select PC (or something like that) in the camera. Only then is it going to be recognized....

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9



                          As you point out, the exact sequence of turning things on, can have a major difference. This seems to be camera-specific. One should take note of the exact order of turning on the camera, launching PrE, and then launching the Capture module, as the exact order can matter. Once the correct combo is found, make a sticky for the monitor.


                          Going back some years in the PrPro forum, one user did a chart of the order of things for about 4 popular camera models. Each wanted a slightly different order. Those orders still are around, and most manuals do not cover what to turn-on first, though they SHOULD at least list the correct camera mode for Capture.


                          Good luck to all, and make sure to try every combo, until it works. Make note of that exact order.