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    Multipage PDF from CS3, all pages contain the whole document?

    rlaine Level 1

      I have a big artwork which I have tiled to 41 pages.


      Saving the 18 MB Illustrator file as Press Quality PDF 1.3 creates a 750 MB file, which made me wonder if everything is ok. (No, I don't have the illustrator editing capabilities on).


      Now that I have been troubleshooting, I noticed the PDF pages all contain the whole artwork, which actually ads quite appropriately 41 * 18MB=738MB. Everything else but the tiled page is masked behind. I noticed this by opening a single PDF page and checking cmd-Y Preview.


      Is this a feature of CS3 multipage, or can I somehow make true multipage PDF's where only the artwork on specific tile will be on the PDF page?